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Promotional marketing

Promoting YOUR Brand.




A fun 'NEW'  way to promote your 'Product' - 'Brand' or 'Message', comprising  


        'Beerbuddy' - 'Canbuddy' - 'Waterbuddy' & 'Winebuddy'

A Unique Promotional Marketing Product

CHILLBUDDY promotional marketing ideas comprise an exciting & unique range of products designed to enhance product identity, company promotions / functions / events & more.

Customised promotions are the most effective and the response from previous campaigns using one or all of these concepts have been more responsive simply because of the unique functionality of our products and services.


In a recent survey conducted with the help of a number of businesses and consumers around the UK; we asked the question "What would you [the user] want if he / she was a recipient of this type of product"?

Most of the people surveyed were asked the question from the point of view of either a business / company promoting their product or brand and from a recipients point of view.


Overwhelmingly the opinion was that whatever the 'giveaway' it had to be:




Visually appealing



Promotional products are more likely to be effective if they are functional, Chillbuddy is extremely tactile and functional and is proven to be used more often and in more situations than most other promotional products, in fact in all cases where cost is a factor Chillbuddy is £ for £ much more effective.


As individuals we all want what others do not have - we found that when we gave some of our sample stock to one or two people at an event or function, almost everyone he or she came into contact with commented (positively) about it: where did you get it? how can they get thier hands on one?


If you browse through any of the promotional catalogues you will see that unless you are willing to pay a lot more for a promotional product, then almost all of these products are limited in their desire factor, whereas Chillbuddy has a substantially higher desire factor and therefore will be more sought after. As they are a more functional product than most, they are guarranteed to be used more often and in more situations and therefore seen by more people which means more exposure for you / your company [business].


In fact the exposure ratio will be enhanced by what you put on to the Chillbuddy, and this is limited only to your imagination.